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About me

I am veryy random. I love to eat... (IM NOT BIG AT ALL)... i am outgoing and very easy to talk to. I normally dont like these kinds of thngs but i guess this is cool. :) wooo!!! "IM RIDIN SOLO!!" single people straight up!!! :)


I am very laid back but very serious when it comes to school (parents dont think so). I love to eat.. think i already said that... and i loveeeee to dance and chill with friends. :)


Im more into hip hop and r&b but listen to other stuff 2:
Gucci Mane
Lil Wayne
Dont really like Wale
Boys Like Girls
Taylor Swift
Chris Brown
Keri Hilson
Alicia Keys
Justin Bieber <3
and only Lady Gaga s

Movies and TV:

I absolutely love the show The Game. Its my fave. :) My second fave is Degrassi no doubt about that. lls uumm... i love Wizards of Waverly Place... adn (blushing) Phineas and Ferb. :) haha i love kid shows. They are so great. ahaha. Also, Family Guy is a


I play softball for the Heartbreakers. Anyone who likes softball or maybe even has never played it should join. Its a great organizaton and very active. I also, play basketball for my school. Wooo GO BULLDOGS!! :)


None. sorry not really into that stuff. :(


WAIITTT.... IS DANCING PART OF THE ARTS?!?!?! Cuz if it is then i gotta put that there cuz i have been dancing since i was 1 and i never did lessons. wow that sounds REALLY cocky but its true.


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